Business Name Clifton Opal
Business Address Line 1 Level 10 64 Castlereigh St
Business Address Line 2
Business Suburb Sydney
Business State NSW
Business Post Code 2000
Business Country Australia
Business Phone Or Mobile 0427123777
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Business Blurb Clifton Opal is the largest Opal supplier in Australia, specialising in the beautiful Queensland Boulder Opal. We have our own mines situated in the Queensland boulder regions, and a modern cutting factory in our office in Sydney. We are “The Best in Boulder” Max Lane, the chairman of Clifton Opal, travels fortnightly to the sometimes inaccessible boulder opal regions in the harsh Australian Outback where temperatures can reach as high as 50C (120F). He then returns to Sydney with the raw ‘rough opal’ ready to be cut and polished. Clifton Opal has perfected a secret polishing technique that gives our opal the best polish you are ever likely to see. A number of Clifton Opal staff has at least 30 years of experience in the industry, in mining, grading, and processing the rough Boulder Opal through to the finished opal product. Due to being the only opal company to own our own mine and cutting factory, and to travel so regularly to the opal fields, our prices are extremely competitive. We can cater to wholesale, manufacturing or retail requirements as our cutting factory consistently produces large quantities of Boulder Opal in Specimen form, or as cut and polished Gems (individuals and pairs), ranging in value from low end to fine quality. If you would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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What Products And Services Do You Provide? ✔ Miner ✔ Cutter
✔ Wholesaler
What Type Of Opal Products Do You Supply? ✔ Rough Opal ✔ Black Opal
✔ Boulder Opal ✔ White Opal