Business Name Chambers of the Black Hand
Business Address Line 1 Chambers of the Black Hand
Business Address Line 2 3 Mile Opal Field
Business Suburb Lightning Ridge
Business State NSW
Business Post Code 2834
Business Country Australia
Business Phone Or Mobile 0268290221
Business Fax 0268290223
Business Email
Business Blurb
Business Website
Monday Opening Time 10 AM
Monday Closing Time 3 PM
Tuesday Opening Time 10 AM
Tuesday Closing Time 3 PM
Wednesday Opening Time 10 AM
Wednesday Closing Time 3 PM
Thursday Opening Time 10 AM
Thursday Closing Time 3 PM
Friday Opening Time 10 AM
Friday Closing Time 3 PM
Saturday Opening Time 10 AM
Saturday Closing Time 3 PM
Sunday Opening Time 10 AM
Sunday Closing Time 3 PM
What Products And Services Do You Provide? ✔ Miner ✔ Cutter
✔ Retailer
What Type Of Opal Products Do You Supply? ✔ Rough Opal ✔ Opal Jewelry
✔ Black Opal ✔ Boulder Opal