Business Name Virgin Opals
Business Address Line 1 PO Box 770
Business Address Line 2
Business Suburb Kensington
Business State NSW
Business Post Code 1465
Business Country Australia
Business Phone Or Mobile +61 418 252424
Business Fax
Business Email
Business Blurb Mining Boulder Opal - Eromanga
Business Website
Monday Opening Time N/A
Monday Closing Time N/A
Tuesday Opening Time N/A
Tuesday Closing Time N/A
Wednesday Opening Time N/A
Wednesday Closing Time N/A
Thursday Opening Time N/A
Thursday Closing Time N/A
Friday Opening Time N/A
Friday Closing Time N/A
Saturday Opening Time N/A
Saturday Closing Time N/A
Sunday Opening Time N/A
Sunday Closing Time N/A
What Products And Services Do You Provide? ✔ Miner ✔ Cutter
✔ Wholesaler
What Type Of Opal Products Do You Supply? ✔ Rough Opal ✔ Boulder Opal